Passion for teaching and learning.
Educational professionals, musicians, and designers who have come together.
To redesign language content.

Our mission is to provide fun and easy tools for language learners. We are dedicated to the research and development of positive learning environments and tools that enhance education. We believe in deeper learning that is accessible and enjoyable and designed our products as motivators for language learners to succeed. With vocabulary, context and supplemental material in mind, PIESTUDIO is proud to present positive and fun learning resources.


We created WORDPIE, currently available for service.
We are developing PATTERNPIE, MYPIE.
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Learning a new language is tough enough without having to deal with the old methods of learning. Music professionals and language lovers have teamed up to create a fun educational tool called WORDPIE. This tool helps you concentrate on words so you can master vocabulary in your new language. The videos help learners associate pictures to words through music in minutes. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can associate your own language to your target language. After many years as learners ourselves, we’ve developed a simple and fun way to learn with the benefits of music. Listen to catchy tunes and expand your vocabulary effortlessly!

Supported languages include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

WORDPIE is currently available for service.

Introduction to WORDPIE








Vocabulary is just part of the process in learning a new language. Why not upgrade your skills using English patterns? Focus on context through common phrases and notice improvement in the way you communicate. Explore a visually stimulating and easy approach that enables you to learn common English phrases. Pick up important phrases before a meeting, a trip, or to impress someone! PATTERNPIE has videos and games that challenge you to practice and supplement your knowledge. It’s fun, functional, and a great motivator to start speaking in your new language.

PATTERNPIE is undergoing product development.


A user-friendly and interactive dictionary platform to enhance deeper learning. Personalise your dictionary to meet your needs by matching words to music, videos and games. MYPIE incorporates games into the learning process where you can share and compete with users online. It’s a great tool for flipped classrooms, and homeschoolers, beneficial for both teachers and students. It’s so accessible that you can use it on-campus and at home, with a tap of the finger. MYPIE is a positive learning tool to supplement language curriculums everywhere and anywhere!

MYPIE is undergoing product development.


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As we are based outside the US, email is the most economic means of communication. Contact us at contact@piestudio.net as we are open to all types of business opportunities. Thank you for your genuine interest in Piestudio!